Wednesday, May 25, 2011

New Installment In Steve Shilstone's Bekka Chronicles Just Released

RAKARA: The Bekka Chronicles: Book 3 by Steve Shilstone

In RAKARA, Book Three of The Bekka Chronicles, on the world of Boad, Bekka and her lifelong best friend Kar accept a challenge to descend through many Realms solving puzzles and riddles until they reach the Realm Beyond Realms, where Kar, with no help from Bekka, must answer one final question correctly before the Waterwheel of Time completes one full revolution. If she fails, they will be trapped in the Realm Beyond Realms indefinitely, perhaps forever.

Their descent begins in the garden beyond O’Tan's Gate, and as they meet and defeat the various challenges, they travel through the Realm of the Limb Ricks, the Realm of the Truth Berry, the Realm of Violet, Lionel, Guy and Slingsby, and the Realm of the Globes where a fleckrunner quizzes them. When they reach the Realm Beyond Realms, they learn from a group of bearded jroons with grey storm eyes that their final task will be to find and face the Waterwheel of Time.


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